Girls, I really want to send this text to a girl that I like who won't text me back, is this a good thing to do?

I met this girl a while back and i could tell that she really really liked me at first, and we would text everyday for hours. Then after our first date, the next day she would barely talk or look at me. We had a few short conversations after the date and we hung out one time after, but it was like she didn't want to be around me and she won't respond to my texts now. The only thing that went wrong is that i didn't tell her how i feel about her, when she made it clear that she liked me, and i really like her a lot but i didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable. It's been a little over a month since i've talked to her and i've sent short text's like "how have you been?" but there is no response. I want to tell her in person more than anything, but i don't think she wants to see me. I want to send her a text to apologize and to tell her how much i like her, and this is what i have,
"Ok i understand that you don't want to talk to me and i wish i told you this in person a while ago when we were spending a lot of time together, but please just read this. You are the most amazing most beautiful girl i have ever met, and since the first time i saw you there hasn't been one second where i haven't thought about you. I am so sorry because i feel like we were actually getting close before we went out and i wanted to make it such a special night but i was so nervouse i couldn't even think straight. I keep replaying that night in my head and getting so mad at myself because i ruined everything. I wish we could have done stuff together this summer. I am so happy that i was able to look at your beautiful green eyes and your perfect smile that makes everything stop those few weeks that we were around eachother. I hope that we can do something together or talk before summer is over."
I guess i'm just wondering if this would possibly help get things back to the way they were and help her like me again, or if it is just a horrible idea and will make her think i'm a loser?


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  • Honestly it's gonna be a shot in the dark. After a month she might be over it and feel like it's too late, or it might read as desperate. However l, if this girl is worth it to you: take the risk.


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