Does husband still love his ex?

Whenever my husband ex, his baby momma is not getting her way or feel my husband is doing or saying something she doesn't like. She is quick to say you hurting my feelings. My husband once said he didn't care about her feelings and still kept me with him when picking up his son, now after her disrespecting me, calling me out my name because i ride with him when its obvious she still wants him. He told me there is no need to ride with him anymore. Does this seem like he still has feelings for her. There's a difference between having love for someone and still being in love with them. By the way, the other day i said something not so nice and it seemed to me he came to her defense. He said i took it wrong,, then tried to change it and say i don't care. Are these red flags?


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  • Not at all.
    Listen he is with you so he obviously lives you more. He prefers you not coming with him because he wants to avoid drama, he's trying to be fair to her as well, he doesn't seem to have feelings for her, he just doesn't wanna keep hurting her. Don't bother yourself with this, he seems like a decent guy.

    • Thanks. It just hurts because i feel my king is putting another women's feelings in consideration before mine when it's obvious she wants him. He is a good man and i will listen and observe and when it's needed we will talk. I just don't think no man or woman likes their ego/pride being messed with by someone that's obviously still. In love with their mate. The fact she's quick to say you hurt my feelings and he responses to it in turn hurting mine REALLY MY HEART😳

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    • Yes he does😀. After prayer and a heart to heart with respect and understanding😀my king took his place and set matters straight. I am his queen and i will always come first. We promised to just be straight forward, because men are simple😀. He realized the situation and made sure i was secure in the matter. I love this man with all of me and you were so correct. he's a good man and worthy to be crowned#MyKing!💖

    • that's a great news

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  • it's quite the dilemma of being MARRIED to the man and having these difficulties. . definitely since an innocent child that isn't between y'all two is involved. he is dealing with a very vindictive woman being the mother of his child and her ways are threatening his relationship with his child being that she's capable of polluting the kids mind about his/her daddy.
    he probably wants to protect that relationship with his child by bein cordial with this BITCH. tell him he has to explain his reasoning for a foundation u are able to stand firmly on and trust it's solid or else it is the biggest red flag u are going to have to feel humiliated to wave. . the woman is not to be trusted. AT ALL. She's the type of woman that believes she will always have to right to be with somehow in some way because 'she da bBymomma' which is a cruel and sad truth Bout this sick generation.. your husband is the one that is 100% questionable and can be ruled by u if u trust him or not. figure out what's the reason for his sketchy ways lately. and let him explain before u put Ur assumptions on the matter positive or negative. . the truth will come out the more you remain quiet and listen to his reasoning before asking questions or putting Ur input in between his testimony.

    • the longer u are quiet... unfaithfulness will shine through showing its self through unsureness and failure to remain on one topic to hide too much guilt that could be caught. only Ull know if u find the way he talks about it will be different. watch and examine his body language and facial expressions as he's talking from the moment u say y'all need to talk

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    • he wants to protect what is probably already being told to his child about him by her.
      u should listen and look up the lyrics while it plays to Joss Stone's 'victim of a foolish heart'
      Ull probably get goosebumps if not tear up wen u hear how spot on your situation is to this song.

    • Prayer and Communication went a long way😀. Men are simple😀. He corrected the matter and apologized because he said i come first and he would never want to hurt my feelings or feel disrespected. Just being simple and straight forward with everything he understood better😕😏. Thanks for the advice. By the way i go with him the time now😀

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