Should I throw away the things that my ex boyfriend gave me when we dated?

I hid it all underneath my bed but the fact that it's still there annoys me and I don't want to have reminders of him (even though he was my first boyfriend blah blah blah and we had memories). I kept 3 of our couple photos and hid it in a file in my phone (just for memories to look back at in like years from now) and overall it was a mutual breakup... But I just don't want its presence around me. The thing is I feel SO bad because he spent his time buying these things and making them. I feel like I'm throwing away his money and our memories but like we aren't together and I don't plan on being back with him so I don't know it annoys me to keep it. We remained as "friends" but I consider us more friendly to each other since we don't talk much. He told me that he expects us to date again in the future but like hell no! Once you let me go... that's it :P


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  • If you want to move on then I say yes get rid of it


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  • then offer to give them back if he don't want them then throw them away


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  • well I mean you could pack it away in anothet part of the home. Its priceless memories and who knows years later you might come across them again cleaning up and you would laugh and remember


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