Why am I not over it?

I was in a relationship with a guy for only 2-3 months and we broke things off about 5 months ago. Then he apologized and we started talking again but he was also talking to another girl. They ended dating for a month then he apologized to me again and they broke up. This happened about 1.5 months ago. I told him I still really liked him and would give him my all if we could try again. He said he didn't have an answer. He never gave me an answer and when I ask he says he still doesn't have one. I believe he's taking to the other girl again. Why am I still crying and heartbroken over him when we weren't together very long?


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  • This could be because
    a) you still love him and want him back
    b) you could not control the outcome and so your pride is hurt. In this case you pride devilishly would disguise itself as love coz everyone believes they are intrinsically good
    Id suggest it's the the second , coz there ain't no such thing as love , and if it is... it's pretty selfish. You can still go and find yourself a decent guy and live in the illusion of love which isn't a bad thing afterall


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