Ex-boyfriend + new boyfriend issue.

so me and me ex-boyfriend broke up about 3 months ago, we went out for 8 months, I was madly in love with him, when going out, and he was also madly in love with me, we just had this perfect connection, we didn't fight a lot but when we did it always ended in break ups which lasted about a day or so... we only had 2 of those. in February I broke up with him, why? I still don't know it was the stupidest thing for me to have done. we got back together mid-march after he begged for me back, and I was dating anther guy at the time too, but I did go back to him and we got together for the 3rd time. after 3 weeks he stopped talking to me for about 5days and then one day he started talking to me and told me we were breaking up, and never gave me a reason. it was the hardest thing to get over, especially because there was no reason. I know there was no other girl involved because he isn't that cute... and kind of pudgy, but when we got back together that 3rd time, all he could say was how happy he was and much he likes me and then BAM he broke up with me. I had deep feelings for him, and it is hard to get rid of those... after our break up we would talk a lot, always me starting convo's though and then in the last month I haven't talked to him at all, and I got over him totally but after my recent 'boyfriend' (more like friends with benefits) went away to summer camp I met this new guy who turned out to be a douche, but after the d-bag left my life all I could think about is my ex-bf I don't know why everything was fine, but now I am thinking about him constantly my 'bf' is back from camp and I thought it would make things better but now I like my boyfriend a lot less... and it is so confusing I don't know what is going on but I hate it, I don't want have feelings for my ex. I wish I never dated him. I REALLY liked my new boyfriend, but he just doesn't do it for me, and I hate that because I he was amazing for me, and so nice and caring. uhgg. help


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  • number 1: how can you be upset with him for not giving you a reason...the FIRST time you two broke up you didn't have a reason and you even admitted it...suprising how karam works isn't it?

    number 2: you need to be single...stop leading this "new" boyfriend on and get it over with, you aren't stable with your mind and your decision making is taking a hit...

    number 3: you need to contact your ex and tell him how you feel, if you hold back you'll never know what could happen - no ones going to put their life on hold, at least they shouldnt

    number 4: just because you think your ex isn't as attractive as some other people are doesn't mean he hasn't found someone who thinks he's perfect, sorry to say, but you have to understand looks aren't EVERYTHING here...sure its a benefit but come on now...

    number 5: you need to take things SLOW - it was the turtle who won the race, NOT the rabbit...you seem to think you know what you want when in reality you do not. TAKE THINGS SLOW

    you really have a lot to think about here...why do you want your ex back? why isn't this new boyfriend as good? are you listening to your heart or your mind...you need to take a break from everything and just think

    good luck


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  • For starters, if this guy means so much to you why are downing on his looks? Just because he is ugly he can't get another girl? His looks obviously didn't bother you, so why is it so hard to believe another girl couldn't see past that too? Reality check sweetie. Maybe he found someone who doesn't fight with him, or maybe he decided to be a prick and do to you what you did to him. Maybe he did this to make you feel how he felt.

    • Trust me, when I broke up with him for perfectly reliable reason he was being a d*** to me, but that doesn't mean I wanted to break up with him, it was more like I needed to, and there is no other girl, I know for sure, he was cute to me, and just to me, trust me there. and you kind of just attacked me by the way. I'm asking for help not to be victimized. and when we fought it was him starting it, once he told all his friends about what we would do. not OK. then once he called me a whore. sooo.

    • Everyone who gets dumped feels like the victim. If he dumped you there is a reason for it. I was only pointing out the fact that you were insulting his looks. Can you tell me for a fact without a doubt that I would not find him attractive? Rhetorical question. Either way you have admitted that you don't find him attractive. Is it possible that without realizing it, you may have been putting him down the whole time and making him feel bad? That would explain the arguing.

    • I would never put him down. I loved him. he wasn't 'hot' and most people didn't understand why we were dating because of the look issue, but I didn't care because that didn't matter, every time I saw him I would tell him who cute it was and how much he meant to me. I wasn't a bad girlfriend. and I know I wasn't, this wasn't my fault, a lot things with a lot of other guys was my fault, but with him, I tired so hard to be perfect and it obviously wasn't enough.

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