He just stopped communication, is this his way of breaking up?

We've been dating for 5 months. Everything was going great, he was crazy about me and we totally hit it off. Then he goes on a 6 week trip to south america, which was already planned before we met.

During his trip, I gave him space and let him initiate all contact. Which he did almost every day, telling me he missed me, sending me pics etc.
He's messaging me continuously during his return trip home, even asked me to move in together.

So when he's back in town, we're supposed to meet, but he cancels due to a family thing he totally forgot about. I ask him when we can reschedule, but he seems to have plans with everyone except me. I sent him a text asking when would be a good time for him, but all he said was he was working the next week. No suggestion for another day or anything. I didn't reply and haven't heard from him since, it's been a week now. Is this his way of breaking up?
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He messaged me today to wish me good luck with this charity thing I'm going to do next week and offered to take me there. He also apologized for pulling away and explained to me why.

It had nothing to do with me, but he had to deal with some things that have to do with his past and said he didn't want to burden me with it. I'm sorta relieved this didn't turn out to be his way of breaking up, but at the same time I'm still angry that he just left me hanging. I haven't replied yet. What to do?
He just stopped communication, is this his way of breaking up?
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