Went to a strip club with my boss?


So I have a new boss, he's been at my company for 20+ years. He's been around the block and is fairly high up in the company. He is 12 years older than me. So we have tons of trips coming up for work travel. During our trip last week, we met for dinner and had some drinks. Right next door was a strip club. He made a few jokes about going in. After dinner he walks straight over to it and we walk in. New thing I know he's paying cover for both of us and buying rounds of drinks, strippers included, lol. We're both married, I have two kids. So long story short we're there for like 4 hours. Both of us are buying drinks, getting lap dances, having a good time. His wife works for our company. He made a joke about only person that can find out was her. I told my wife, she said she KNEW we were going to go to a strip club, lol.

The next morning was kind of awkward, he mentioned he did not expect all THAT to happen. lol. Now we are back to business as usual, but I feel weird like I'm worried someone could find out. Is this a big deal? I mean he was in there with me, it was his idea basically, and he is my boss. I figured I couldn't really say no, bc then he couldn't trust me, but I ended up wilding out too!

What is your take?
Went to a strip club with my boss?
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