Went to a strip club with my boss?


So I have a new boss, he's been at my company for 20+ years. He's been around the block and is fairly high up in the company. He is 12 years older than me. So we have tons of trips coming up for work travel. During our trip last week, we met for dinner and had some drinks. Right next door was a strip club. He made a few jokes about going in. After dinner he walks straight over to it and we walk in. New thing I know he's paying cover for both of us and buying rounds of drinks, strippers included, lol. We're both married, I have two kids. So long story short we're there for like 4 hours. Both of us are buying drinks, getting lap dances, having a good time. His wife works for our company. He made a joke about only person that can find out was her. I told my wife, she said she KNEW we were going to go to a strip club, lol.

The next morning was kind of awkward, he mentioned he did not expect all THAT to happen. lol. Now we are back to business as usual, but I feel weird like I'm worried someone could find out. Is this a big deal? I mean he was in there with me, it was his idea basically, and he is my boss. I figured I couldn't really say no, bc then he couldn't trust me, but I ended up wilding out too!

What is your take?


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  • It's only a strip club. I've been to strip clubs with my boss before and with clients. it's no big deal.

    • LOL true... should I feel weird about the lap dances?

    • No of course not. it's only entertainment.

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  • Honestly I'd just forget about it... unless your wife is pissed about it, and if she is, I guess it's up to her whether or not someone else will find out. Better hope she's cool with it!

    • He's wife is cool with it and so is mine. She kind of LOL'ed about it. She was asking about lap dances and I may have skewed the truth on it. A one time thing. I mostly worried like work people would find out, but I doubt he'd really say anything since he's part of it. ?

    • Oh boy. Maybe hearing about that would've made her upset, but now that you've lied to her about it, you'd better make sure she doesn't hear the real truth. Even if she would've been okay with it before, she might not be if she finds out you weren't fully honest.

      This might not be true - she might not care even if she finds out the truth.

      But other than that I don't see any reason for you to worry about the situation.

    • Thanks man, she might be pissed about it, I'm trying to stay away from the details with her lol. Doubt she'd leave me for it! I'm only a man!

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  • ... you do realize a good majority of business negotiations and transactions happen at strip clubs right?

  • Did you willingly go with him to the strip club or did you only go because you feared that you would get fired for saying no?

    • wasn't really worried about getting fired. Kind of two fold: A. I was with him, it sounded like fun. B. I didn't want to be that guy "um.. I don't think this is a good idea" You know?

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    • True, maybe a tad. It was at night time during off business hours and we spent our own cash. Big deal?

    • It wouldn't be a big deal if your boss one day said "hey do you want to go on a trip to vegas" that would be fine.

  • whateves... just ride that wave while it lasts...

    • Hahaha, what wave are you referring to?

    • Ride the wave to the top. The more he likes hanging out with you the more he'll favour you... corporate bureaucracy
      Try not to make it weird, engage in some office banter and bullshit lol but keep it discreet with him hahah

      Harvey Spector and mike Ross... cmon now lol

  • Lucky for you!!

  • bro, just appreciate it for what it really was, having a good time and having fun and laughs lol If he won't mention it, the you don't. Only allow him to bring it up first in future conversations with him and avoid bringing it up first, or at least try to avoid bringing it up first, it had been a one time thing and probably best to keep it that way.


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