Boyfriend and I broke up a week before my birthday. Should I go ahead and open my present from him?

My boyfriend and I just broke up today (actually, like an hour ago). He had ordered my bday present online and I've been waiting til my bday to open it up. Right after I broke up with him, he gave me my bday present, still in its shipping box, to take with me. Should I keep with the plan of not opening it til my bday? I have no idea whether that will make me more sad or cheer me up on my bday. Or should I go ahead and open it up now? It sure would cheer me up right about now.


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  • Why did you break up?

    • He's moving to another city

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    • Did he choose that position or did his company force him to transfer?
      Anyways you should open the gift and tell us what it is.

    • They approached him about the position and he chose to take it, but he didn't have to. Here's the kicker: he's not getting any kind of raise and he's moving to a city that has a higher cost of living. The present is just some makeup and makeup brushes. I haven't opened it yet.

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  • Send it back. A birthday present isn't worth a remembrance of what you had. It's over. I find that its far disrespectful that he would still insist knowing that this broke your heart, for like an hour ago. Your just going to regret the breakup.

    • I have been anxiously awaiting this present for too long just to send it back.

    • so you going to selfishly take it even though you just been dumped by somebody who doesn't even want to least try a long-distance relationship for the moments if there ever was going to be along the lines of anything serious? then that's on you. you won't be able to move on because you wanted to accept something like that. now if you start dating somebody else how would they going to take it by you having that around? how is this present going to affect you long-term knowing down while the person that gave it to you is nowhere in sight and will be able to come back to you? these are the long-term questions that you got to personally ask yourself, and whether or not it's worth it.

    • Ummm.. ok, so for one, he suggested long-distance. I turned that down, because I have done long-distance before and it fucking sucks. Two, he handed it to me right after we broke up. He wanted me to have it. It's just some eyeshadow and makeup brushes. It's not like a t-shirt that says "I LOVE YOU FOREVER BABY" or a teddy bear or an engagement ring or anything meaningful like that. All that I'm going to think whenever I use it is how much I love it. If I date someone in the future, all he's going to think is "oh wow she is wearing purple eyeshadow." What, you think he's going to ask me who bought it for me? lol he's a man, he's not going to care about that. I still use certain things that were given to me by ex-boyfriends. One ex gave me a pair of shoes and I wore them everyday for a couple of years - not once did they make me think of my ex. Another ex gave me a Queen shirt. All I think when I wear it is how much I love it. Considering all this, I think I will take my chances.

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