Would a girl ever approach or talk to an ugly guy in a club or bar?


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  • Not unless it was just for some sort of casual idle conversation and I was standing nearby. I don't approach anyone intentionally, really.

    Whenever I'm in clubs I often go stand outside for a bit just because the noise and atmosphere wears me down very quickly. There have been plenty of times I've just gone outside and small talked with random people there.

    • I made new friends recently and they took me out to some clubs bars and private parties. I'm like ultra shy and all that. Women have been approaching me and talking to me for no reason. I'm not good at talking like that though especially when it's so loud. I'm just trying to figure out if maybe I'm not as ugly as I always believed lol. Of course being shy is probably even more ugly than being ugly :(

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  • only if he's flashing money or buying drinks.


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