Why do guys act like a jerkonce you tell them you like them?

told a friend i like him more than a friend and he said he mostly prefers men and now acts like a jerk, like another friend suggested to do something in the evening together and first he was like yes and then no and i was annoyed because he dows that all the time and that guy i like said "oh is it not a prerequisite that i come as well, you two can also just do something alone"
why is it like that? it's not as if i am clingy or behaving differently than before or whatever, he told me no and i accept that so i think it's respectless of him to be a jerk to me now, it's not easy to tell someone you like him, especially not a friend and now i am punished for being honest about my feelings 😒


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  • He is just trying to be cool , ignore him for a well I'm sure he will understand your importance


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