How do you stop getting pulled back into something you dont want to be in?

Im married 2 years going , its difficu lt to be in a situation you try to feel something that's no longer there, telling the petson repeatedly that you no longer continue. Then they just brush it off like nothing was said. I got married to this man after being together for two weeks and didn't telize what sort of person he really was. Controlling and possesive. This push my feelings away. So I don't know what else to do besides hand him divorce papers now to make it clear.


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  • move. fuck logic just move. nothing good gonna come from it


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  • You yell and make your position very clear

    • I've just notice , it has to be convient for the guy, for the break up. Any time , I try and leave , they cry , or try to push there self more on me. Do I literally have to be a bitch to get a point across?

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    • Kinda hard when you live together :/ l. o. l sorry

    • Oh damn lol that does make it complicated

  • hand him divorce papers.


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