She changed her mind and broke all promises?

It's not a question but more of I need to vent.
So I met this girl 3 months ago on 9chat (it's a small social media app) and we got talking, and eventually fell for each other. She's from Latvia and I'm from the UK, now I don't usually do long distance but she said she was coming to the UK to go university in like a months time, so to me that was fine, in 4 months we'd be together. I even booked a flight recently to go see her in Latvia, we really got deep after a month of skyping every night.

Then it all went to shit, she didn't get the results needed for the uni of her choice, but she promised she wanted to be with me and would find another uni to go to, and so she applied to one and was accepted. There was some time where she needed to sort out with the old uni about withdrawing her application before she could apply formally to this new uni. And in that time she mentioned one might she was also looking into a uni in Amsterdam, just as a backup, she said there was 0.0001% chance she'd be going there, she said she hated NL too.

But as you can imagine since I'm writing this, she dropped the bomb shell that she'd been thinking and decided Amsterdam was the best choice for her after all :(.

I understand sometimes you have to be selfish and look out for yourself, but it doesn't stop the fact that I'm now left broken, alone with nobody, and she's already off making friends and publicly stating how excited she is to go Amsterdam :(. And she's gone cold on me, never speaks or makes effort, doesn't ask how I am. This girl said she loved me, she'd send those silly loving quotes which were all promises about love and a out choosing me. And it literally took her less than a day to forget me, go cold and just not bother with me.

Rant / vent over, anyone been in this situation?


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  • What drew you to her in the first place, and what about her made you feel as though your relationship was real and strong enough to survive the distance? Was it the thought of meeting her or was it the thought of what could have been if she had attended a college near you?

    • We just clicked, I wasn't looking for a girlfriend, I was only interested in a friend when we spoke. But we quickly clicked, we had same humor, we were each other's type. We talked and Skyped, she shared the same views, values, morals, wanted the same things for our future and after talking for so long I trusted her. I was bothered about the distance but the fact she was coming to a uni near me was encouraging to think it could work. But now she's going to another country and I can't do a relationship over that distance. We planned that if we were together after a year I'd move close to her uni and we'd settle. But now that would mean moving to another country and I can't do that. I also can't invest in someone who's shown at any moment their whole plan can change, I need stability.

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    • Yeah no prob. And sorry again bro.

    • Thanks man

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  • I know how you feel. I started a long distance playing a morph game online. It was ridiculous at best but either way She wasn't looking for a relationship and still don't understand women lol

  • long distance meetups never work, get the hell out of the house and find girl personally, not through texts.

    • Yeah I'm normally exactly the same, it's just the fact she was coming here if her results had worked out. But yeah I'll avoid it all together on future

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