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Hey everyone, what are some of the ways you've broken up with an ex? Did you get creative? Were you kind, or did you try to hurt them? Or did you get them to break up with you? And why?


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  • When you break up with someone you should be honest with them. Tell them what went wrong that makes you not want to see them anymore whether it be your fault or theirs. I wouldn't try and hurt them because karma is a bitch. I also wouldn't try and make them break up with you because in the end they might just put up with your bullsh*t and not do it, also it makes your and their life stressful. Just be straight forward and honest and don't drag out the relationship if your not happy in it. learned that the very hard way.

    • I already broke up with my ex. That's what got me thinking about the different ways people go about it. And I agree with you, it's best to be honest. Only thing is that most people aren't. Just trying to understand human nature I guess. Thanks!

    • Oh Ok...

What Girls Said 1

  • 1. I usually tell them the truth, the reasons I've used are

    I'm not ready for a serious relationship, the relationship ran it's course, I need to work on me and I can't give him the attention he deserves. I don't purposely try to hurt them...if anything I try to make the breakup my fault, that it's nothing they did

    2. There's only one guy that I purposely hurt but that was only because he hurt me first and I realize now what I did was childish and immature, but at the time (in hs, I was 16), the only thing on my mind was to get even


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