Please help! Why is she hot & cold?

Nearly two months has already past. Ex girlfriend broke up with me. We see each other quite a bit as we do go to the same class at the same gym.
Right after the break up, went straight into no contact. At the same time, I'm not being rude as if we do lock eyes I'll say hi or smile to her.

its been an up and down cycle. Like for two weeks, she will keep her distance then a week super friendly. Then repeats itself again. Saw her on Friday night and she kept play fighting me and teasing me. Why go through all this?

what is happening?


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  • Why can't she be friends with you? I mean if you get along with your ex even after a break up then that is a really good thing. Sometimes people don't do that... I say that you're just friends with her now... and who knows maybe she might wanna get back...

  • I don't know but if you're between the ages of 25-29 I really do think it's time you grow up and stop playing into peoples' games...

  • She wants to keep you as a "back up boyfriend".


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