Not sure if I should respond?

recently me and this guy i was dating stopped talking because he became controlling and very disrespectful. so our last conversation was not the best however we didn't really i guess break up. i talked with a friend about everything and she told me to block him on everything so i did but today he has called me on a blocked number 12 times, left voicemail's concerned about me and where i am, saying he knows he messed up can i call him are we together? etc... im more so afraid to keep ignoring him because he does have certain photos of me that i do not want leaked out into public. what should i do? he has never threatened to leak them but im not sure he won't he's very possessive.


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  • Okay notify the police because that is harassment and considering he has photos of you, he will likely leak them if you don't, so make a report and save all the messages on your phone of your conversations with him

  • Do not respond, he is doing this to get you back in his control. He doesn't truly care about how you are doing, just hoping to get you back.

  • Random awkwardness is right.

    Protect yourself. If he threatens you, seek a protective order. Revenge porn is illegal, so don't worry about the pictures as much as protecting yourself.

    • so going to the police is best or should i wait until he just stops?

    • If you in any way feel threatened, you should go to the police.

      If you're just annoyed you might wait it out a little. If it continues too much for you, then you can contact the police about harassment. They will likely just talk to him and issue a no contact order.

    • ok thank u i appreciate your help!

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