If he can talk to everyone and anyone else, why not me?

So, the guy I like is known as the loveable larrikin that always has something to say. He gets on with every one really well and will talk to people he doesn't really even know but never to me. I have to admit I haven't tried to start a conversation but if he can talk to everyone else why not me? He will never talk to me directly but to a group that I'm in. When he is telling a story (which happens frequently) to the group while he is talking most of the time he is looking at me. Like he wants to know what I think or if I think it's funny. He isn't shy at all but will never talk to me even in the group one on one. Sometimes when talks to the group and looking at me it feels like he is talk to only me.
So whats going on?


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  • he might like you and he waits for a sign to know if he can make a move or not , try to text him about some simple things like homework and stuff , if he is talkative. take the conversation further and ask him what you want to know

    • Thats the same advice I would give someone in my situation 'try to text him about simple stuff' but then personally been in this situation I just a lose all nerve to do anything.

    • just give him some attention. after that let him ask the questions. if he is really into you the moment you give him attention he will take the chance

What Girls Said 2

  • I think he likes you and he is trying to get a feel of how to talk to you, that's why he looks at you when talking to groups, he watches your reaction to what he says to gauge if your interested in what he has to say my advice for this group talk stating is (show interest - if you like him)... also start a conversation with him, you will never get anywhere by not taking the risk, plus guys like confidence.

    • If you do talk to him one on one and there is any silence, ask him a question... like anything random... like do you think I should cut my hair or get a tattoo or bring up dogs, anything to keep the conversation flowing, I have always been the type of woman that if I like a guy I go for it, and I'm not afraid to make jokes or talk shit or be bold... and you could always text him, but I feel like texting is so not personal anymore, you gotta at least have a few one on ones before you text him. Then after that, ask him to hang out... if you need any advice message me. I've never had a problem going after men. Good luck if I don't hear from you

    • Thank you. I really appreciate your advice!!! That sorta sounds sarcastic but it's truly genuine.

    • Haha it's okay even if it was sarcastic I wouldn't be offended, seriously though just go for it, don't let anything hold you back from what you want in life. I'm only 25 but i am much older wisdom wise.

  • I don't want to give you false hopes but I think he has a "thing" for you. Do you see him hitting on or flirting with other girls?

    • Firstly thanks for answering even though accidentally put in it the wrong category (meant for guy behavior). Anyways the problem is that we are in this activity group where I'm the only girl their that doesn't have a boyfriend (makes thing difficult). So I don't know what he is like with other girls

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    • In your similar situation, what did you do? What worked or what didn't? And how did it pan out?

    • Well I waited to see if things would change, I stopped trying to talk to him all the time, but he didn't approach me in anyway or even looked at me. It was like I didn't exist to him so I decided that it wasn't worth it, he wasn't worth my time ya know? So I stoped worrying about and stuff, and I feel way better. But don't make decisions based on my situation because it might me different for the two of you.

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