What's the weirdest reason you ghosted someone?

Probably some of you have never ghosted anyone but there's that immature periods years ago in our past, when some of us did.

I personally ghosted the guy because I loved him but I was afraid to be in a relationship with him. It was the most immature thing I've ever done I ghosted him right at the peak of my feelings to him and his feelings to me. I still don't understand why I did it. I thought in this way I'd maintain my love to him.

Problems in family, problems with myself lead me to believe it was the best solution. I wish I was as experienced as I'm now I would never hurt him, I would rather communicate than just ignore him like didn't existed. That was how I would solve almost any problem with relationships back then, I would just start ignoring the person who hurt instead of communicating back and I was so easily hurt that probably they didn't even guess what was the reason behind my weird behavior.

I feel so guilty that I left him without any explanation and acted like I hated him while actually I loved him the most out of guys who ever met me. He didn't even do something bad, just I had an ideal image of a man and he didn't fully fit him, but he was the closest person to this ideal.

Looking back right now, he loved me at my worst. I wish I could explain everything to him, but now It's too late.
What's the weirdest reason you ghosted someone?
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