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me and my ex boyfriend broke up 3 months ago over something stupid we haven't talked since... he blocked me on facebook right after we broke up...just recently I noticed he unblocked me...i don't plan on contacting him but why would he do that? what's the point? is he thinking about me again?


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  • humans naturally have an ego and no one wants to make the first move and make up. I'm not sure if he wants to make up, you can't assume anything since youve had no contact with him, but if you miss him and its bothering you and you at least want to be friends again, you should be the bigger person and speak up...u have nothing to lose. If not then its gonna be like this forever


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  • Yeah I agree with the other guy. If you do the typical thing and read into something like that, then you're setting yourself up for failure. But why are you still checking up on this dude 3 months after the fact? There is a good chance that he has moved on, therefore so should you.

    • I wasnt he popped up on my friend suggestion list

    • Well if he didn't add you as a friend and stuff then that means its just not a big deal to him anymore. And you probally just shouldn't worry about it too much.

  • he is probably just "fishing" seeing if you take the bait or one of friends could of done it I know a lot friends take my phone and attempt to text my ex as a joke


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