Male/female. How do you feel about a break up?

I didn't post or do much on social media after my break up with my ex for about a week now. He's been posting stuff then I stopped posting stuff on snap and then after awhile he stopped for a few days. Now when I post something he post something. Is he trying to mess with my feelings? He's the one who broke up with me. Most of his post are at work, I'm afraid of seeing them because it could hurt me. It's better not to know


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  • He broke up with you is over. Trying to understand a guy's action after a break up is like collecting the broken glasses from the floor you will get cut. For your own good forget him since HE broke up with you. It's for the best.

  • I've had a lot of relationships so I do know that the way you feel after them in completely situational. Sometimes you feel sad, angry, happy, indifferent, anxious, scared, alone. Every relationship is unique hence every break up would also be just as unique all of them having some form of a lesson for both yourself and the other person. Hopefully prepare both of you to be mindful in the next one to come. There's nothing wrong with feeling different things after the relationship is over but just remember that if you are always saying the other person was always in the wrong then you yourself have failed to learn the lesson that was hidden in the relationship. Remember it always takes two to tango. I can say most of my faults in my relationships were because I didn't know well enough to get out of a bad situation with someone who just wasn't good for me. Yes maybe those people did bad things to me but that doesn't make them bad people and perhaps those bad things would not have happened had I walked out of the relationship sooner with the mindset that myself and that person were just not compatible.


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