Will we ever get back together? after multiple times of breaking up and getting back together?

so basically my boyfriend (ex now) talked me saying he'll talk to me later but he never did so i didn't freak out because i knew he was busy the whole week. then a family issue came up and i didn't know how to handle it so i asked him can we take a break for a couple of weeks because i was afraid i was going to lash out on him and he said okay then after i also told him he better not even think about cheating on me or ill break up with him with no regret he said lol okay then ill told him if he thinks its funny he can just leave he said okay bye. a few days later i called and text him he didn't respond yesterday i text him and i asked are we still together he said nope and that he honestly didn't care anymore and i told him thanks for telling me. everyone keep telling me to move on but i can't because something doesn't feel right and we always break up and get back together. so i need the truth i also don't want to seem annoying and keep texting him and its weird how he broke up with me right before our 1 year 11 months anniversary which is on Thursday even though this isn't the first time we broke up before our anniversary. Help?


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  • this is a game... an unwinnable game.


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