Why do guys want to be friends after they just broke up with you and then when you don't want to be they feel some type of way? asking for a cousin?

So my cousin is 17 and she had this boyfriend they were friends before all of this happened. When they started the relationship it was all good, but then everything was falling apart. The guy started wanting nudes and wanting to be completely inappropriate. She didn't want that at all and on top of that rumors started and he believed, so he started not replying to her texts. Then still were going to this dance together , so she asked him to just tell her after the dance what was up since he was acting different. After the dance they went out to eat and then he basically broke her heart. They where in the same car because he picked up and dropped off by her parents. While on the way to drop him off she was hurt, crying and didn't talk to him. After a while he reached over and said "we can make this work". Three days later he broke up with her and he said we can be friends, but she doesn't want to be friends and he feels some type of way... why does this happen?


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  • The guy is a big huge asshole..
    But not all men are like this.
    He wanted her to be his toy, and now he's not happy with what he got. So he tries to make her feel bad for her to think she needs him.
    But she doesn't.

  • What type of way? Angry? Happy? Disappointed?

    • He was feeling pretty salty that she didn't want to be his friend after

    • Probably just annoyed that there was a friendship to be had

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