Is it weird that I text my ex's old number?

Ok so it's not his old number lol but I didn't know how to word it..

when we we broke up like 6 months ago we got into a really big argument over text and I was really confused because all of a sudden he stopped texting me and I was like what's going on? And he said "don't talk to me anymore ever" and I was so confused like if he wanted to break up why didn't he just talk to me? And he said if you say one more word you're blocked! And I said "what?" And then he blocked me. I later found out that his crazy family was with him and they convinced him I was like the antichrist or something and the were with him telling him to block me. So I couldn't really do anything at that point.

Anyway, I'm not over him we were together on and off for a year and a half. And I know the message won't go through it says like "sent as text" which means I'm blocked because of iMessage. But every once in a while when I miss him or I think about him or worry about him I just text him like "I hope you're ok. I miss you and I know I'll be ok but I wish I could talk to you right now" and it kind of relieves my stress for the moment because even though I know the message doesn't go through it's like I can still get my feelings out. I'm just wondering if this is bad to do. Like is it unhealthy?
Is it weird that I text my ex's old number?
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