I still love my ex from last year help?

I still love my ex and it's been over a year and he has a girlfriend and I've tried not talking to him and I still think about him and get the urge to call him even if he doesn't call me. He broke up with me and went back with his ex in March 2016, I stopped contact with him in May 2016 and didn't talk to him until September 2016 but I still thought about him during that time and called him on private and didn't say anything and he hung up each time. And I talked to him from the ending of September until December. Then I went 3 months without talking to him and still thought about him. And recently I went almost 2 weeks without talking to him and really got the urge to call him to the point where I ended up calling him. What do I do?


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  • you mean keep calling him to prove you're worthy?
    what you do is you keep preventing yourself from living your life by not accepting what happened.

    Not everything you lose is a loss... leaving who don't realize your value is a new life.
    you need to rebuild your self-confidence to know the difference between your life before and after that relationship.
    this happens because you don't trust yourself, and that won't make you be able to the know the difference between a friend or enemy or bad or good for you.

    the only way to get over someone is to extinguish all hope in the prospects that you can salvage your relationship.

    you might be thinking of dating to forget... it's easy to date other guys... but what's the point if you don't learn from the previous relationship?
    some people say that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else, which may actually work for some, but may also cause more harm than help.

    the best way is to invest your time in yourself by helping the homeless, taking overtime work, get the edition that you need, helping uneducated children to learn or visit cancer patients to put a smile on their face... etc... all those things will help build your self-esteem and make you feel happy that you can change some things around and gradually you'll also be able to change your life.

    Don't give up.


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  • you need to find a rebound. if he still wanted you, if would have stalked you too

    • How do I find a rebound? That sucks. I didn't think of that but that makes sense 😔

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    • I seriously need serious help! 😭😭😭 I can't let go, move on and forget about him 😭😭😭 I just called him and told him he doesn't need me because he always has his girlfriend and he loves her and he answered saying "What do you want?" And now I feel like crying

    • girl no, you need to stop doing, think about how he sees you rn, the more you call him, the more he sees you as annoying. i'm sure he already figured out you were the one behind all thos private calls.
      have some esteem and dignity for yourself girl

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