Important! Should I give up?

So i'm in this shooting olympic sports since I was like, 10 years old. I'm currently 14, still young. I have trainings 4 times a week, 3hours each time. I feel like giving up because my scores does not even hit the required scores to stay in the team.

I've been stuck in this merry goround of shooting really shitty scores and either way I feel like I'm gonna get kicked, real soon. I feel like quitting before i get kicked... also, my coach said he isn't disappointed at me and is actually proud of me. I cried really hard because he had faith in me and I disappointed him, right? somehow?

I'm giving up already and I dread trainings. Should i quit the team? or hold on? It's draining for me and it's been going on for 4 years. i can't keep doing this for my examinations, can i? OR do i hold on until I get KICKED, instead of leaving myself?

i'm trying my hardest but i still can't improve. it's not that easy.. i get easily stressed and I have anxiety
  • wait till u get kicked
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  • leave now
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  • just keep working harder and hope you don't get kicked
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  • come back when you hit the required score
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What Guys Said 2

  • The thing with Olympians as well as other world class athletes is they don't quit. No matter how tough it gets you don't quit. You should live what you do and fight until you get where you want to be then fight some more. It's not easy being a great athlete but what will set you apart is your willingness to succeed. The drive in you that says "I WILL NOT QUIT!". When you go to your next training, have this mindset in you. No matter how hard, fight through it. It's just temporary pain, fight for your life.

  • I would leave instantly but I think you're sporty and you wanna do it so maybe keep trying and hope they don't kick you
    best of luck❤️😊


What Girls Said 1

  • If you quit now you'll probably be left with the question of what would have happened if you had never quit.


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