Is it a good idea to message my ex (please read the details)?

So the guy I was seeing for 9 months broke up with me 2 days ago to my shock because I thought we were on the same page. It was an amicable break up although obviously I felt more for him than he did for me but we both really want to be friends again after things have healed.

Anyway, I now have this huge urge to message him to wish him good luck for an audition I know he has coming up tomorrow but I can't decide if this is a good idea. I fully respect and accept his decision to end our relationship and will not be begging for answers or trying to get him to take me back it would purely be to wish him luck (and because I miss talking to him and want to check he's ok).

Is it a good idea or not?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • My personal experience is, yes, it's okay to call, however, stick to conversation points.

    One, first off ask how are you? When he replies, don't probe.

    Next, share something you are doing. Again, keep it short. Do not expand the point to include questions.

    Last, wish him well, and say your goodbye.

    The more you stick to this format, the more he'll appreciate it. In time, do this once a week, and over time, he may open up to you, may not. This is about creating a healthy boundary for him, and for you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would wait. Its too soon. Things at this point can get messy if you message now


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  • Way, way too soon, despite your good intentions...

    It's not a good idea to resume contact as both of you need a lot more time away from each other to sort your new lives out.

  • Break up is super fresh. So I say to leave him be. I'm sure he knows that you wish he does well.


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