Why is he doing this?

I met this guy about 6 or 7 months ago. I fell for him, hard. I have told him as much. He goes hot and cold. He breaks up with me and then eventually messages me again (I assume, whoever he met didn't work out) I feel crazy. He knows I love him and I care about him. He tosses me aside and then has me crawling back for more. He says he loves me, he kisses me forehead but... how he acts is confusing me. I don't know if he is lying or what. Its like he can't find someone else so he just keeps dragging me back into his spell. Our most recent 'break up' I told him I loved him, I fucking love him and I care about him and he told me to stop it. It can't work (insert a new reason here) I do have kids from a previous relationship and that is his current new reason as to why we can't work, because I have kids.

Why is he doing this? What is he doing? He knows how I feel about him and he keeps me on this emotional roller coaster and knows I can't stay away. Why say he loves me, kisses me forehead when were together, holds my hand and hold me just to do the things he's doing? I'm a mess and I'm lost
(fyi, the sex is amazing, i personally think we have a strong connection)
Why is he doing this?
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