Complicated Relation?

Me and my ex broke up 5 months ago. We were in beautiful relationship for 4 years and promised to marry each other. i was so loyal to her that I would not see the need to look at any other girl or even talk to. because she was everything to me. she isn't perfect but I love her dearly. after our graduation back in middle of 2016. I told her that I would ask my mother for our marriage. however my mother said that it's not time yet because in my place the guy has to be financially stable before getting married. Time passed and my girlfriend became annoyed. I told her to be patient and things will work our exactly how we want.

On meantime I was convincing my mother slowly and she started to agree on marriage. and on March 2017 she got so annoyed. her friends marriage came and she got busy. during that time she took advantage of thinking less about me. she was busy for whole week. after she stopped talking. and all of the sudden told me that we should be just friends. I was so shocked.

she said she wants space so I gave her. but it's not like before. she tells me to move on but wants to keep my as friend. I get slight hint that she still loves me. fe. g whenever she feels hungry she asks me to bring food for her. or if she wants to buy something she comes to me. share mistakes that she won't share with anyone. But she also says she doesn't want to waste my money. my mother even went to her place in hope to ask for her hand but she said she isn't ready. few days ago we met and asked that I still like her. I said no I dont. but she senses it that I do. and tells me u should move on. she isn't seeing some one as far as I know. only male friends. but she is not into them.

she is depressed because she can't find a job and had some house issues. im more than happy to give her space but what if she forgets about me? she doesn't want me to go away either but ask to remain as friend.


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  • Where are you from? Who gives a shit about what your mom think, if you love her marry her and don't let her go,

    • I'm from middle East. over here u have to make ur parents accept it first.

    • I'm sorry :( but I mean if you love her let her know. Communication is the key ;) I hope everything works out for the best. :)

    • I really do. whenever she needs help. I do everything within my power to help her. she knows I love her. but whenever I talk to her about it. she gets annoyed about it. first there was only 1 problem. now there are 2 . the reason I am with her and waiting for her is because when she tells me that she needs something. food clothes etc. she doesn't ask that from anyone.

  • Something isn't right between you and your mother.

    • Yes I agree that it's my fault as well. I delayed for long time. but I was getting there. I tried my best and was able to send her to her mother. they met nicely.

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    • Yeah it does. It explains why the fuck your mother has anything to do with who and when you marry. You're 26. You're too old for your mother to make decisions for you.

    • I know it's very sad. but I'm not loosing any hope. even my culture does not support this thing. it says to marry whoever u think is best for you. it's just my mom.

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