Am I looking too much into this?

So I feel silly even bringing this up. I was with this guy for not even that long of a time, we were together for less than a year but we were already talking about a future. One of our problems is that we would fight all the time. Several times over our relationship I tried to break it off but he would always come back saying that he wants to be with me and that he'll try harder blah blah blah.

So I post on Snapchat fairly frequently and he doesn't but we would snap each other all day long.
He wouldn't view all of my stories and if he did watch them it would usually be hours after or even the next day.
We called it quits (this is funny) a week ago and now he's watching every single on of my stories and he's usually one of the first people to view it.
He posted a few stories since we broke up. I haven't watched them. In fact, we both posted a snap within and hour of our break up talk and he watched mine right away.
I feel pretty stupid being an early 20-something asking this but I was just curious and wanted a guys point of view. I don't think it's just him being bored scrolling through since he didn't start watching all my stories until after we broke up


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  • He could miss you. Most times in the bad times before the breakup there was good times. You miss those and the companionship. So it's not unnormal or people to do that. Eventually though it should fade away and you won't have to worry or notice him all on your social media like that.


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