Is she trying to get me to break up with her?

Been together for a year. Things seemed to be moving in a good direction until a month ago. She has been getting really angry, picking fights. We live an hour and a half apart and have opposing schedules, so we get together a few times a month. Sometimes I go stay at her place a week or so.

Anyway, she blew up at me when I was staying at her place a week and a half ago. She kicked me out.. said it was not over, just needed to be by herself. I left without a fight. She called me the next day, apologized for everything.. made tons of sense. She told me she was acting irrationally and explained stress and other stuff led to it. By the end of the convo she said "Well, we are now beyond what happened. Lets move on and I will work on my communication with you." It seemed like everything was cool.

Two days after, I sent her flowers with a nice note (I send her flowers for no reason 1-2 times a month). She texted me that day and the next thanking me. I tried to call at the end of the week, she ignored me. Now her texts are one-two words. It takes 24 hours for a response. Last text I asked if everything was okay, she simply replied "All good". I left it alone. So it has now been 10 days since we last spoke on the phone with only 2-3 texts.

I gave her the opportunity to end it last time on the phone. I explained I want her in my life, but if she is unhappy, then its time to move on. She told me she wanted to maintain the relationship.. Now she is silent.. She has this thing where she has said every guy she has been with has left her, she fights to the end.. but now I wonder if she pulls shit like this to push them to break up. Thus, allowing her to be the "victim".. I don't want to just assume its over.. and she is not communicating.. WTF?
As I posted this I finally got a real text. She apologized as work has her busy (it does do that at times) and scheduled a time to talk.. I don't know.. it seemed like business as usual. This is usually the type of text that leads to making plans to get together. Not sure what is up...


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  • End it... you don't deserve that, she may be interested in someone else.. but she should tell you instead of all this nonsense!


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