Second chance with ex? ?

my ex was the sweetest most caring guy i ever met. i was going through some things like trust issues yet he stuck by my side and tried to help me work through them. he treated me like a princess however i unintentionally treated him like shit. i let my trust issues and anxious thoughts get to me and instead of trusting him, i snooped and discovered he cared about me much more than i ever thought and just how amazing he was and was saying amazing things about me behind my back (which says a lot)

when he found out about the snooping, he knew i had trust issues so he decided that if he asked me and i confessed, he would forgive me because he knew about them and would try to help me work through them and teach me to trust again. however i was terrified to confess and i didn't, and he broke it off. he broke it off because he wanted a trusting relationship and thought i was a bad person and that i never wanted him but only a relationship and the title of a relationship and i made him absolutely miserable. i was hurt and hurt people hurt people and i didn't want him to get hurt because i really care about him i just couldn't think.

he is 100% moved on and over me, and he is happier now. he doesn't hate me or is mad at me however. i asked him if he would give me another chance when i got my things together and

he said "for now we are done. we can go out in August if we are both still single but if we aren't then we know it's not meant to be. if we are still single and available we can go out and we can go from there and see if it was a good decision or not if we are still single."

my questions are:

1. do u think i deserve a second chance? (personally i think no so i consider myself lucky)

2. how do i make him see me as amazing as he saw me before? what can i do to erase his negative opinion of me and let him see me as he did before?

3. where should i take him on the date and how can i show him i changed?


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  • No you don't deserve a 2nd chance. You had your chance it didn't work. Get over it and move on


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  • 1. i think you do, you didn't cheat on him. You have trust issues and that can be sorted out. I use to snoop my husband's stuff all the time in the beginning of our relationship, only because his ex tried to get back with him once she found out we were together. I had to make sure he wasn't responding to her. Now we completely trust each other after a few trust issue bumps on the road.
    2. You can't really erase it, he's going to have the negative opinion of you for a while. Actions speak louder than words and if you get together, just be more trusting and open. Be honest and work on your insecurities. It might take a while.
    3. Take him to somewhere fun, and just be you. Be happy and confident.


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  • Move on

    • Actually what did you find when you snooped? And how do you know he is happier?

    • And how long were you together?

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