Would you get divorced or stay?

Im going to be factual, would you get divorced or stay if your significant other used you as a verbal punching bag on a daily basis because he is frustrated with parts of his life. He has stopped contributing to anything related to cooking, housework, household duties. He hasn't had sex with me for over a year. He doesn't take an interest in my life at all. He wants a mom or servant to take care of him. I get very upset when he treats me that way.

We we have no kids and only been married for almost 2 years. I have made every attempt to communicate with him how important BOTH of us participate in this marriage and it gets us nowhere. He won't change. About once a week I get a text message from him saying sorry... but the cycle continues. I love the man he used to be, I don't love the man he is now. I think I want a divorce.
Would you get divorced or stay?
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