Ex Boyfriend Is Being Weird?

Okay, a little back story; my ex and I broke up approximately 2, nearly 3 months ago and haven't talked since although he was the one who broke it off and was the one who wanted to be friends (at the time I couldn't do it, because I wasn't emotionally ready) so we stopped talking up until earlier this week when he randomly texted me saying he missed me and all this stuff. (No, not one did I get my hopes up.) But he went on to say how he tried to move on by not talking to me and how it didn't work because he still thinks about me, talks about me to his friends, and how I'm "one of a kind". So I divert the conversation away and ask him how he's been doing and all this and that. He was in another state for the week, so I became suspicious of his intentions. Anyway, the last time we talked was... A day ago where he told me he got home and I said I'm happy he got home safely (all friendly, no flirting). So my problem is, why was he texting me? I feel it's more to stroke his ego (which I didn't feed into) or out of plain boredom, or to just waste my time completely. Would it be wrong if I just ignored him next time he tried to talk to me again? Because honestly I'm not willing to play childish games...
Side note: if it were to try and get laid, it can't be because we never got around to having sex in our relationship.


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  • he said you're really one of a kind in his eyes... but he wants to stay friends... for what? friends with benefits?
    his words are empty and have no meaning... don't waste your time.

    sorry for what happened.

  • Well, best case scenario: he's just a nice guy who wants you to know you hold a lot of value in his estimation. More likely though that he's just still having a hard time with the break up is my guess. So no, I don't think it'd be wrong to ignore him in the future (and wouldn't be a bad idea either).


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