Is there a such thing as true love?

Do y'all believe in love? I always have I have give my everything to the two women that I have truly loved and they both cheated on me. I have be trying since to find love again and every time I think I could be close it's just not the same kinda feeling I had before. I loved both the women from my past for different reasons. they were complete opposites. But I just don't feel in my heart and soul and yearn in my mind for anyone like I did for them. I'm starting to think love isn't real I thought I had it before but was just being made a fool of. so was it just a childish idea I had in my mind or what. Do women believe in love still? And if you do what's your reason you believe in love. why do you think it's love?


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  • I believe in love... I have seen, it hasn't happened to me yet, though.

    • I want to say i believe in it to but what I had is gone and like I said nothing seems to compare to what I had before. love is the reason I live because I believe that there is someone out there that needs me to be happy just like I do them. But then I think how I had it before well I thought I did but she is gone now and I wonder if she was the person I was suppose to live for and now that she has passed on maybe thats it for me when it comes to love. thank you for replying i was hoping some girls would give me some input but you are the only one so I want to know I am very greatful to hear from you!

    • I am sorry to hear that and I hope your heart recovers sooner rather than later... I don't think your wife would have wanted you to be too sad for too long... Or not finding love again. I am sure she would want you to be happy.

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  • There is no universal law that says love exists unfortunately. Biology and Physics isn't going to prove any evidence of real love. The only true thing is our animal instincts and our need to reproduce. Reproduction gives us these outlandish ideas of love and such. But really the only thing mankind has is the goal of reproduction. It makes you think. Should we really put all that effort into reproduction? Just so we can create an offspring that will go through the same cycle and create their offspring. Or should we avulse from the system? Break the chains that bind us?


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  • I've never thought that love existed. I believe that people can make you feel really good and satisfy your needs moment by moment but love doesn't exist.

  • It exists. I don't find it very often, but I don't let go when I do.

  • I'd like to think that there is...


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