Breakup Advice from girls point of view?

Hello all, was looking for some advice and I thought "Well let's ask some girls!" Backstory: Me 18 ex girlfriend 18 We were together for about 8 months, we did a lot within that time-frame and became very close. She bascially lived at my parents house with me for about 4 months and then she got her own apartment, she wanted me to move in and of course my dumb*** said YES. (Totaly regret it now) Anyways we had a blast together and she always told me how much better I was than her ex and how happy I made her, I'm leaving for the army very soon, and one day she just broke down crying because she was so afraid of me leaving. Anyways when we moved in things started going downhill, we fought more often, over small things. It got to the point where I couldn't control myself and would do very stupid and childish things (Like breaking shit) We always made up and had very intense emotions for eachother. One night she had gotten home from work and I was laying down watching T. V (i didn't have work that day She got mad at me and I asked her to come downstairs and smoke a ciggarette with me and we basically had the "Talk" where she was doubting the relationship etc... So me being a fucking idiot the next day before I moved all of my shit in the living room to see what she would do, she cried a little and was quite sad but was totally fine with me leaving. So I lost control of my emotions and felt like total shit that she didn't care if I left. I broke down and started crying, regretting my love for her. Everntually my childish plead worked and she gave me a second chance. And I fucking blew it. I did no contact for two days and it didn't work. Then another week went by and I showed up at her apartment with a letter and a flower and cried again. She had told me she had sex with some guy the day after we broke up. When I looked at her social media it was all depressing and sad shit and how much she missed me. It's been 3 weeks now, and nothing... So what is your take on the situation?


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  • It's over :(


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