My ex denies he's seeing someone new? ?

I know that it shouldn't be my business, but he keeps contacting me every few weeks giving me mixed signals that he wants to come back and then doesn't.
It really is slowing the process of me moving on.
I told him that if he wanted me to leave him alone for good then he should just tell me that he's seeing someone new and that he doesn't plan on coming back.
I dont understand why he would deny he's seeing someone because I keep my promises and i wouldn't even react , i would just leave him alone and go on my way for good this time. I would know there's no chance and everything would finally be over.
Why would he deny seeing someone new when that would make each of our lives easier? I would move on and i would stop trying to win him back. Its a win-win situation.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Cuz he clearly still has feelings for you and is undecided.

    • So what do i do?

    • You can either be fine with him occasionally messaging you as he keeps you as an option, or you can be the one to decide and tell him to stop messaging you ever again.

  • he's trying to make you jealous. don't let him. they call them Exs for a reason

    • But if he was trying to make me jealous, wouldn't he be showing off this new person instead of denying them?

    • probably isn't one to show off

    • sadly thats not the case, he showed me off all the time since the beginning

What Girls Said 1

  • Why do you care? Please just let the past be in the past

    • I care because he keeps coming in and out of my life. I would be fine if he just never contacted me after we broke up but thats not the case. Everytime he tries to come back, a week later I find he was seeing someone new all along. I tell him that it would be easier if he just told me the truth instead of giving me false hopes. He denies that he's seeing someone new and never fully tells me to leave him alone either

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