Ever dated someone who was so damaged by their past relationship?

Their trust issues are on another level, they don't believe you love them it's draining. Have anybody ever been in a situation like this? I've been dating this person who opened up to me about everything & expressed her love for me & how she can trust me with her life. Now, she told me she can't deal with me on an emotional level & how she loves me but just can't satisfy anybody. All I've done was be there for her, she expressed she didn't want to live anymore & I was the first person she called. She calls me for everything & now she's saying she can't deal with me anymore. I haven't treated her badly in any way so it's jus kind of heart breaking :(


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  • i am currently in this situation too. I felt that she was worth it to me and even though she has these problems if you want her then its worth it. but if yoy dont want her then dont lead her on. thats just sad and will make it 10 time harder for the next guy that actually does want her.

    • I haven't led her on and I do want to be with her. She introduce me to her mom, sister and close friends. She confided in me with a lot of her deepest secrets. I know the REAL her but she doesn't things to push me away & she even admitted to it & says she just so damaged that she doesn't believe it when someone loves her. She don't know how to accept love so she said when she feels vulnerable she push me away, she also told me she don't want to push me away anymore she just want to love me... but then Sunday she told me that she can't deal with me on an emotional level anymore & how she talks to other girls. It was heart breaking to hear & I haven't responded or heard from her since Sunday. I've been crying for the past two days because I felt like she just gave up on us

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    • unless she cheats on you thats almost un forgivable

    • this is a message she sent me today. But the truth is: I want to be your girlfriend because I can be completely me around you, I don't pretend. You are an amazing person who is clearly too good for me and who has a heart of gold, you treat me well and you care so much you tell me what you feel about me and I just can't get enough ever, hearing you say how you feel about me makes me bloom😱😱

  • I've been in that situation before, yeah. On both ends of it. The truth is, she's suffering through some depression right now. She needs help. And what you've been doing by being supportive and just being there for her is the best thing you could've been doing. The decision to get out of the, to put it lightly, slump she's in has to be hers.
    I wish there was a simple solution... but I'm afraid there isn't one. Just keep being you. Solidarity and at least some sense of stable ground is the best thing for her.

    • It's hard letting go but thank you

  • yes I was in that situation just be there and don't push away

    • I'm not pushing her away, she's pushing me away. If you don't mind me asking how long were you in a situation like this?

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    • I haven't responded because I'm afraid she's wants her cake and eat it too. She did tell me that she don't want to deal with me on an emotional level anymore and that she talks to other people. I don't know what to say

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