He broke up with me out of no where?

We have been dating for almost year now.. he lives one state over and is going to uni. I was planning on moving with him out there in a few months (currently living at his parent's house in my city) and he broke up with me on his last trip here.. which is strange because before he came he said he knew things have been rocky lately but he really wanted to fix things.

He just said he didn't love me anymore and needed to focus on his school at the moment, but we've already been fighting with the long distance for almost a year. then he is coming back in a few months to live here and save up money for the summer before he goes back out.

He knows I still love him but he says he doesn't want a relationship right now. do you think he will come around? he say he can't see the future but doesn't want me to get hopeful in case it doesn't happen.

advice please?


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  • your far away from him, you 2 arguage, fight? its already on its edege...

    at he's collage he has grils too... (most guys can be really perverted, sorry^^) and he could have found a new girlfriend, or a crush there, and wanted to end it with you now...

    dunno about your life... but I am guessing unlike you he's not alone and still surrounded by girls and can alwise find a new... so.. he kind of could just have forgottan about you...

    also do not get mad at me at what I said ^^, just being honest.^^


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  • It wasn't out of no where for him, he knew exactly what he was doing and probably planning it for a while. Sorry, but he's not going to "come around". It's not that he doesn't want a relationship, it's that he doesn't want one with you. He may have already met other girls at college which accelerated this process.

    Best thing you can do is start moving on.

    • How can you be so sure he had been planning the break up

    • It's what most people do, they need to work up the nerves to end it. Throw in the fact they have been long distance and fighting on and off and it just makes sense.

  • I am sorry. Its over.


What Girls Said 1

  • Ok I had to comment because one of the guys who commented is retarded and nothing he said made any sense..."he probably has a bunch fo girls surrounding him" ? Yeah I guess he's Brad Pitt?

    Forget that bullsh*t. Yes, he's over the relationship and doesn't want it anymore,and itll hurt, hard, for a while. This exact situation happened to me so listen to me when I say don't call him non stop or beg for him back itll just push him away further. He could still have feelings for you btu he won't say them anymore because he wants to try and move on and shorten the hurting process as easily as possible...most of the time guys think this is by doing it quickly and moving on quickly or at least trying to, even though us girls don't quite work that way. It's his loss 'cause you were probably a great girlfriend and really loved him but its not that he didn't know that its just that you guys didn't fit perfectly together. You'll find someone that fits easier and better eventually. Its always hard with love but long distance is too hard, mine was the same. It changes things. But don't worry your best bet is to make it clear youd love to be friends one day but in the meantime go out as much as possible, live your life, surround yourself with girlfriends and complain as much as you need to but try your best not to contact him. This is all from the heart cause I was right there, maybe even worse, in November. Good luck girl


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