Should I break up with her?

OK, so I met online this awesome girl about 2 years ago, we've been chatting ever since and we've got lots of friends in common, so bout 2 weeks ago she asked me if I wanted to be her boyfriend... I had never been in a relationship before (I'm 19) so I was all excited about it... Well we've been together for like those two weeks but I'm starting to doubt if this is going to work... I really like her but I've only seen her irl like 6 times (3 of which were after our relationship started) I know I'm pretty lame and boring and she's all about going out with friends or movies or whatever... I feel I'm not good enough guy for her... But what should I do? Should I breakup with her? I don't want to hurt her...

What really matters is that I'm usually a silent person... I'm the kind of guy that nods instead of saying hello... I don't mind talking... I just don't... And well when I'm online I really like chatting with friends and stuff like that... I think she likes my online self not my... -real- self

I enjoy being with her when we go out.. I don't know a lot about relationships and I really (just a bit) scared...

Um... What do?


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  • Well you said that you've known her via the net, you've liked her throught it right (I guess you like her a bit, since you don't want to her her and stuff!). And Honestly I don't think that the "virtual" you is that far away from the "real" you, just try to be yourself! You say that you're not the silent ype, but if you want to be with her and want her by your side, you definitely have to communicate with her, and not only by chattin'! Breaking up isn't the best solution, just wait, whether she would like to continue the relationship or not. That way she wouldn't be hurt and you'll get a clear idea about where are you guys going to together.


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  • Talk to her about it, if you don't have the comunication it won't work you need to be able to talk to each other. and if that's how she felt she would have broke up with you... just enjoy it and be yourself and try to have a little bit of confidence in yourself its all you can do good luck

  • You're being hard on yourself. She knows you. She doent see a lame boring person. She sees value in being with you. She wanted you to be her boyfriend. The start of a relationship is just a massive adjustment. Don't stress about how much or how little you see each other. You will have plenty of time to spend with each other. She's probably afraid of being a clingy girlfriend and she want to spend some time proving she is independant.

    I think you should stick it out. If you want to talk to her than open up. Let the relationship grow a bit first if you really like her.

  • Well, I personally think that an online based relationship will not work out as well as a relationship that's not online. Although you may see her from time to time, think about all this time that you spend away from her compared to the time you are with her. If you are questioning your relationship, I think that you should end it. But that's just my opinion. If this girl means enough to you to keep her, then do it. But I do think that you should end things, stay friends, and go out and meet someone face to face. Someone with all of the same interests as you, with a similar lifestyle. If this girl as an active social life and you don't, then maybe you should consider ending it. Just tell her everything on your mind and the reasons for breaking up. She'll understand if you tell her in the right way, goodluck


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