Why do fake "hot" girls, make girls who are actually attractive & cute feel ugly or "lesser"?


Obviously, it's insecurity-driven. The girls that have less to offer a guy want to attack the psychology of the girls who they can't actually compete with (to try and level the playing field).

So my question isn't so much towards the girls that (do) this; but rather, to the girls who this is (done on).

It's to express my frustration at girls who, let other people (guys & girls; though especially girls) bring them down and make them feel "lesser" about themselves.

So girls, really; why do you let this happen?

Why do you let other girls emotionally manipulate you so easily; into thinking you're less attractive?


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  • The multi-media has something to do with it. Look on any top sexiest list and you'll see people like Megan Fox and super models. Society tells women that they need to be "hot" and thin to be attractive. So these "normal" women, that have grown up with this grotesque idea of beauty, succumb much easier to the idea that they are not attractive. And if no one tells you other wise or you don't have any positive role models, you have to go on what other people say. So if all you hear is negative, one can only assume that it might be true.

    • First of all, if you're 200+ pounds, the truth is, no you can't be attractive. But that doesn't mean you should make it your goal to be 100- pounds; that's stupid. Secondly, it's hard to sell to men. You don't tell men what they should or shouldn't find hot. It's the other way around. Men tell you what they find hot, and then you go and try the best you can to give it to them (in which society is clearly failing; since there's more money in targeting women's insecurities than male libido)..

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  • Maybe it's because the more times they are told something the more believable it becomes. If they don't have someone else telling them otherwise then there's only one thing they can base their appearance on: the negative opinions of those who don't like them or care about them.

    • If I grow up with people constantly telling me to ignore what I want from a relationship & just simply cater exclusively to the other person's needs; and that this is a great thing, it makes me such a good person for doing & it's called chivalry.. Do you really think I'm going to just nod my head and accept that idea? Of course not. If something is stupid & doesn't make sense, or if it's inherently unfair or unequitable; It stands out like a soar thumb, and the idea gets rejected..

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    • Okay, appearances vs. appearances then. If every guy was as easily sold by the media's image of what an "attractive" guy is; he would be eating less than 500 calories a day & live off of anabolic steroids & protein shakes. But as soon as that information hits a guy's ears, his brain goes; "yeah, that's bullsh*t, nice try, but no thanks" and just rejects it. Plus, guys don't have a habit of downing other guys the way girls down other girls. What ever happens to girls being there for each other?

    • Good point.

      And honestly I have no idea why so many girls put each other down. Nearly all my female friends and acquaintances don't do that to me or each other and I certainly don't do it to them. So either I'm just lucky or I'm just good at choosing the supportive types.

  • Because those attractive girls are actually not very confident to begin with...a confident attractive cute girl will never let a fake hot girl make them feel anything but sorry for them being so superficial and attention craving.

  • because most guy will go to the girls that are "hot" . and we don't have a chance to get the guy because there all over the "hot" girls.

    • Yeah, the only problem is that there's nothing "hot" about these "hot" girls; and that the only reason they shine or stand out; is because they get other girls to either shut-up, be quiet, or simply believe or do the wrong things..

    • What about the ones that truly are ugly? Do we deserve to be put down?

  • Because the cuter girls know that guys don't go after girls just for their looks, and the girls who are doing the attacking probably know the cuter girl very well. So it's easy for the manipulator to know just what to focus on- for example, being good at talking to people, and maybe the cuter girl is kind of shy- to make the victim feel like sh*t. However, you're right. Everyone has the power to stand up for themselves and not let other people make them feel less than.

    • Exactly, everyone has the power to stand up for themselves.. so I can't understand how or why girls just sit there, accept it, take it, and let it affect them..

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    • Yeah well have any idea how the attractive girl can be victorious in this sitch? I guess sitting on the guy's lap wouldn't hurt.........but I meant verbally.

    • Easy, out-wit the b*tch.. what's more attractive & sexy than that? showing that you have a strong enough backbone to be unaffected my her petty attempt to emotionally get to you, and that you won't hesitate twice to put her in her place; and that you can put her in her place. That's what guys want anyway, a girl that won't put up with other girls' crap; but won't start crap herself.

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