Why did he freak out? Why did he talk so bad about me when I was understanding and he broke up with me?

I saw my ex and his cousin at this event and to remind you all whoever answers this that he has talked bad about me before for no reason after we broke up I was really understanding, he got mad at me all the time whenever I would say something it would easily take them off if any other person said the same thing he would just react to me differently and he would always tease me about all these things that used to say that he liked about me. I never reacted once and I never talked bad about him behind his back. When we were at this event in this line my ex and his cousin were talking about who is nicer and I said that his cousin was nicer and he was like "what nooo he's not I'm nicer if anything I think were both equally mean" and I go "nooo he's nicer year really mean I don't know but specifically to me" and he goes "OK I admit I talk shit about you and I go why and he goes "because I was mad"and then I just wanted to ignore the conversation because I didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable but what was he mad about? he was the one who broke up with me and started liking this other girl which ended. Continuing on I was like "oh who you think has the better personality" and he flipped and was like shut the fuck up like three times "shut the fuck up why do you have to compare us" and I was like "you guys were already talking about this and you guys have before" and I go "you just get irritated by me for no reason" and he goes "it's because whenever I give you a chance you're annoying" which is not true because I tried to talk to him all the time and he would just block me off and was mean it was even was behind my back he could never say it to my face so I just stopped trying because he didn't make the effort to there was no point and I completely cut off talking to him. After he did that we got along and we're talking fine it was actually really good but I got a little confused when he flipped over about how I was comparing him to his cousin (best friend)


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  • I'm not trying to justify him but here's a theory as to why he reacted that way. You two were in a relationship and as such you've had an intimate relation. Most of people completely open up and expose everything they truly are in those circumstances and you don't seem to appreciate who he is. For a while you probably knew him better than anyone else, you've seen everything he has to offer and you've decided that it wasn't enough since even his cousin (who he probably often compares himself to anyway) is better than him.
    Obviously his reaction shows his immaturity, I'm just trying to figure out possible reasons as to why it could've happened...

    • I really didn't mean to but I don't get why he says all this stuff like "I don't care about her and I don't give a fuck about anything she does I could care less" when literally for him to say all of that he just had to look at me and start saying that to his friends during class. I really tried to give everything to him and be understanding but he struck back in a negative way

    • Hate and love go hand in hand. If he didn't like you he wouldn't have cared, but since you still mean something in his life (maybe he's still in love with you or maybe you're someone who he believes knows him the best) your opinions could still have some weight. Don't pay too much attention to what he says, animals get desperate whenever they feel threatened and we're not that different. Oh and don't try to reason with him since this in all likeliness isn't his rationale speaking. The best thing to do, if you really want to help him, is to simply move on and allow him some space to grow as a person. I'm sure that one day you'll reunite as different people and that your relationship, being it romantic or friendly, will get at least one more chance to bloom.

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  • just stay away from him. he obviously has things he needs to work on within himself

    • But I'm just so confused why he freaked out on me for comparing I didn't think he cared I would even ask that. And I know if anyone else were to he would react in a angry way

    • Ur only gunna remain confused if u try to figure it out. some people are just mean... same reason why kids that get bullied are confused as of to why them and not other people... it's just because sometimes...

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