Should I tell him?

My boyfriend of 9 months and I broke up two weeks ago and he hasn't talked to me since. Not even for my birthday last weekend. I'm not going to lie and say I haven't been waiting for him to change his mind, because I have. I want him back, that's for sure, but he dumped me. Anyway, when we last spoke he asked me to do him one last favor and let him know when I get my period so he won't be anxious or worried. I got it today but I haven't told him. I'm not sure that I even should. I know deep down I'd only be telling him to have an excuse to text him and hopefully strike up a conversation that'll rekindle our relationship. But I don't know... advice?


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  • tell him you had your period
    cut him off
    learn that he dumped you and that there is a reason why you are exes
    dont try to run behind a mirage and end up with dust in your mouth.
    take care
    why did he dump you though?

    • We had our problems like any other couple. I thought we were good though because we loved each other enough to work it out every time we fought. He'd say how much he loved me and was afraid to lose me and how breaking up with me would never cross his mind. And that's what he did. He told me he wasn't ready for a serious, committed relationship like I wanted. That he had a gut feeling and that he didn't see a future with me. Like I said: that was two weeks ago and we haven't talked since. I've been doing the no contact rule since then.

    • Yeah don't contact him. I'm kinda in your shoes. I thought everything's was fine and we would kiss and make up after fights and she would tell me that she didn't want to lose me and now look we've been broken up for about 4 weeks. She contacted me less than two weeks after we broke up to give me some things and we hung out and tried to see if she changed her mind and she didn't and I only felt worse. I haven't spoken to her since and blocked her on social media. It's not easy but if he doesn't want to be with with you don't force It. God does things for a reason.

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  • I wouldn't bother. I would just cut ties and move on all together, no need to open that can if worms


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  • you can communicate with him or tell him whenever you want... but what is the point of continuing to have an unstable relationship with hard consequences in the future?

    If he wants to be part of your life, he'll make a clear effort... not dumping you and asking to give him a statement about your life. (this is total disrespect)

    you must see things on what they really are, not as you want or wish or expect them.

    Good luck...

  • I mean sounds like it's important you tell him for peace of mind reasons. It's how you tell him. You can just be like, "Hey, no worries. It's good.", which makes it seem like you don't care that much. Or something more involved. I'd say take a day and decide.

  • hell no. he only asked so he can feel free of you and done.

    then again if your a nice person you will tell him and let him feel relief and go.


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