How to get rid of this shitty feeling in my chest?

So this feeling has been going on for quite a while and its happened since I broke up with my ex, every time before bed I get this horrible, shitty feeling in my chest which makes me want to cry and just not want to be here anymore.

I tried talking to other people to get rid of it but it feels like I'm just trying to cover it up and it doesn't do much, like I could talk to 10 guys/girls at once, feel better and happier but as soon as it gets to this time I start getting the need to cry and just die. I really like this guy, he lives a few hours away from me and I've known him for a few good months now but I wanted to get with him the first time but he rejected me and now that I think we are around the same level I want to ask him to be with me but that feeling comes to my chest and just stops me because it feels like I shouldn't be doing that, it still feels like I'm with my ex and yeah... I'm not sure what to do anymore...
How to get rid of this shitty feeling in my chest?
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