Do I ask him if he needs space or just give it to him anyways?

Okay so my really good guy friend just got his divorce finalized a little over a month ago.

I've been by his side through everything. Every up and all the downs. It's been a crazy ride, but I didn't want to be anywhere but by his side.

Lately I've been noticing him distancing himself from me. Just kinda not talking to me as much and sometimes just ignoring me altogether.

His behavior is just screaming space to me. He has so much to worry about other than me, especially his children. I know he's emotionally fucked and has been for awhile.

I don't know how to bring it up talking about giving him space without him feeling like I'm trying to take the easy way out or something. He means so much to me and if I need to give him space I want to do that for him for his well being.


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  • Yes. Give him the space he's looking for. Just remind him that you've been friends for a long time and that you're there if he needs anything. Divorce is a complicated issue and he may even be getting instruction from his lawyers to cut back on seeing you. Especially if his ex-wife cited "extra-marital affairs" in the divorce papers. No telling.

  • Just tell him straight up that you're noticing his behavior and that you're gonna give him space and ask him to get back to you when he feels like talking.


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