Need opening of someone I'm not sure if he is jerk or I'm so sensitive?

I've been dating this guy who was new in town we got closed and kissed several times he met my friends and got along with them later he stopped asking me out but he text me everyday to check if im still available for him and every time I ignore him or withdraw he get closer and show care " hot and cold" and once we met and kissed and he was so emotional next day he text me long text that he wants to take things slow and be friends first well he didn't do any effort to be in friends zone or boyfriend zone it was only texting later I ignored him completely and stopped calling him or texting him at all and lately I knew that my friends were inviting him and was asking him to bring me with him he was saying can I come alone!! I don't know how to deal with that I'm so pissed off and I'm confused how to deal with that.. I want to wake him up..


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  • Your being sensitive. You were blowing hot and cold so obviously he's not going to jump in


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