How do you get over someone?

October last year I met one of my friend's friends over the phone. And we started talking over the phone and on facebook all the time. And soon we like liked each other. It was really awesome we were always talking and flirting. We'd even stay up till 3am talking online or on the phone. And we only met once in person... I know it's weird. But anyways in February he asked me out and then for most of that month he ignored me. No matter how much I tried he wouldn't talk to me, he was always busy. But anyways a month after he asked me out he broke up with me and we haven't talked since. But I cannot for the life of me forget about him. He was the only guy who paid that much attention to me and valued my attention as much as him. I thought it was perfect but... I was wrong. What's the fastest way to forget and get over him?


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  • There IS no fast way. There are lots of illusions about doing things to get over people. All the things will leave you feeling sadder and upset more than not doing them.

    If you try to force your feelings they tend to stay put and be enhanced. This is probably because by pushing agains them you are constantly considering them and therefore keeping them in the front of your mind.

    My advice is to not "try" and do anything. Simply live your life and enjoy the friends who are still there for you (guy and girl). If you have any sadness over the past, let if effect you in whatever form it takes and share your feelings with your closest friend. If it is a guy friend, make sure its someone hot ;).

    So, I guess I'm saying the fastest way is not to try at all and just live through it as it happens. Though everyone is different so its good you will get lots of different advice/viewpoints here.

    • All my friends are kind of sick of hearing about I can't talk to them about it without annoying them....

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    • I know both my best friend and his wife get an earful of how much I love my best girl friend on a regular basis. Even she has to put up with me going on about it occasionally. Wouldn't be wihout them.

    • Thanx :)

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  • You can't I had the same problem..

    still do you never stop caring for them you just learn to live without them.

  • there isn't baby doll. I fell in love. it took me two years and I still find myself reminiscing. But he sounds like a jerk honestly. You are young and have all the time in the world. It seems like the end of the world now, but it's not and there is a guy out there that will love you like he never did. I fell in love, he broke my heart. I was screwed up for two years. Slowly got better and I found someone that tries way harder than he ever did to make me happy. It will end. In the mean time, lean on your friends and family. Find someone to hug you when you need it. And cry...everytime you need to. let it out. Music always helped me. I liked Martina McBride's - wrong again. Finally, look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself he didn't deserve you. The way he treated you was not perfect. A guy that cared would have called you first and made the effort. So remind yourself of that.


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