Is it normal to miss an ex you weren't happy with?

For some reason lately I've been missing my high school ex boyfriend. I know I dumped him because I wasn't happy in the relationship. But now I'm starting to forget all the bad times, and I only remember the good ones. It's sort of skewing my memories of him which isn't good because I definitely can't get back in a relationship with him. I know that if I get back together with him, in a couple days I'll be super unhappy again. I just can't stop thinking about all the good times. Is this normal? And what can I do to stop thinking about him?


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  • aww baby bkoz u don't find others

    • So I should just get in a relationship with someone? That's the problem tho. Cuz I've been on a lot of dates lately and none seem that interesting to me to start a relationship with.

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    • lol. yeah I know am always true. lol

    • where ya from?

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