Still talking to ex but mixed feelings?

Me and my ex still talk sometimes. She wanted to be friends, not because we had a fight or anything. She did this because of depression as she has financial problems at her side. As well as she can't find job for 1 year which she always wanted. Along this she decided to be just friends all of the sudden. This happened 5 months ago. we still hang around sometimes (movies, shopping) but talk very less on text, phone calls dont exist now.. she talks Usually when she needs some help and sometimes mention that she wants a job. other Than that I really don't know what she does or where she goes that really bothers me. but I get a feeling that she still has feelings for me. what should I do?


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  • I'm sorry but honestly it sounds like she wants you around as a shoulder to cry on. If you have feelings for her, you should let them be known. Maybe she feels the same way. But if not you should either close contact with her to allow you to move on, or if you think you can just be friends with her without it being a problem for you then you can move forward knowing how she feels. Either way you should talk to her so that you know where you stand.

    • She knows that I still love her. but she tells me to move on not because she doesn't care anymore. But tells because of me. she knows this way I'll be hurt. which she doesn't want. she still calls me by my nickname which she given me. sometimes when she gets excited or is happy.

    • Yeah I think you should move on.. it sounds like she using you to her advantage. I would definitely decrease or close your contact with her, otherwise she won't ever stop pulling at your heart strings and you won't ever heal.

  • Time to bail. Be nice about it, wish her well, and time to move forward

    • but I know she still likes me. what if she sort her thing and come back. she did say to me that I'll marry u if u don't end getting married somewhere else.

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    • I think you know what decision you need to make. I understand your situation but it seems like you are emotionally drained. You are going to spend useful time in wanting a girl to want you when you should be using your time effectively. If she comes around she comes around, if she doesn't, at least you have moved on emotionally...

    • Thank you for ur support. I hope I get answers

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  • I'd bail out. I've still got two "users" call every blue moon and always the same. Can you help me move? Can I borrow.. ? Do you know.. ? Im finally sick & fucken tired, I dont answer anymore.


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