Was it easier for him?

My ex He was my first everything. And after a year of back and forth we finally ended it on a bad note. I went through his fb and he told me I betrayed his trust. The reason I went through his fb was because I begin to suspect him of talking to other girls and I was correct. I still love him and even though I have gotten over the hurt of him dealing with other females it still hurts me from time to time when I think that he has forgotten about me and moved on because even though we had some bad days the good outweighed the bad well at least on my end. One day about 5 weeks ago I decided to call him and I asked him how he was doing and he was like "im ok" but the way he said it was like why wouldn't I be OK. It hurt because I was trying to make conversation and he was giving me dry feedback. so I decided to end the conversation. It hurts to know someone you really care about can treat you like you matter none. do you believe it was easier for him to move on and is that what he has always wanted to do?


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  • my ex girlfriend displayed similar behavior before she dumped my arse for another guy. I asked her if she was OK and she said the exact same thing "why wouldn't I be OK." I fell in love with her so bad and I cared about her more than anything but yeah it really hurts to get cheated on. I really thought she liked me but turns out she only wanted sex. she said how much she was missing me and thinking about me all the time which made me fall in love with her but after she got what she wanted I was discarded. The way she dumped me was pretty cruel too. I belive with my situation it was easy for her to move on.


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  • It's not your fault.

    The fact that you suspected him of something goes to show that he betrayed your trust before you ever did. I'm not saying it was OK to go through his FB account, maybe next time you can ask beforehand. But definitely trust your instinct...same thing happened to me and he kept saying I was insecure. I wasn't. Or maybe I was for not listening to my instinct.

    I think it might be easier for him because he never really gave you his full attention if he was talking to other girls the whole time and therefore the blow has been softer for him.

    In the end, you're the better person because you didn't do what he did but unfortunately, it's going to hurt more because you're dealing with it head on instead of using other people to distract you.

    You can try remembering the bad times if that will make you get over it faster...and remind yourself that he was "dealing with other females" while you and he were supposed to be an exclusive couple. Not cool on his part.


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