Can you translate what she meant to say?

Peeped in my ex instagram. She knew somehow i was snooping and sent me a friend request and 4 days later a dm asking if it was who she thought i was and i said yes hi and we talked. Here's the catchy part.

Me: would you like to hangout say around my area soon?

Her: "Nah i got my own spot now"

Me: Cool well hey i gotta go. I saw your bro by the way he's so tall wow time flies. Take care bye.

Her: Yeah he's so tall and play's football

I didn't reply anymore since i think she turned me down in her 3rd text. Did she mean to invite me over or did she turn me down hill? why the f would she mention she got her own joint it doesn't make sense.


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  • the "nah" (no) should be obvious mate. she was curious as to why you where on her profile. but she has no interest in rekindling ur "friendship". and if you really wanna know. then what stops yah from asking her what she ment ;).

  • in my opinion don't get your hopes up she's just trying to be friends, maybe you guys had good memories together that's why she still wants to. keep. in touch


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