Can you translate what she meant to say?

Peeped in my ex instagram. She knew somehow i was snooping and sent me a friend request and 4 days later a dm asking if it was who she thought i was and i said yes hi and we talked. Here's the catchy part.

Me: would you like to hangout say around my area soon?

Her: "Nah i got my own spot now"

Me: Cool well hey i gotta go. I saw your bro by the way he's so tall wow time flies. Take care bye.

Her: Yeah he's so tall and play's football

I didn't reply anymore since i think she turned me down in her 3rd text. Did she mean to invite me over or did she turn me down hill? why the f would she mention she got her own joint it doesn't make sense.
Can you translate what she meant to say?
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