Why did my guy leave me?

I was always there for him, even when he was upset.
I didn't use him for his money and I paid mostly.
I told Him all the time I loved him and so much more.

I just don't know what it takes? Was I too ugly? Horrible person? Or was he just not interested?


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  • you were dumped because your partner needed to compensate for his weaknesses and not because you are a bad, ugly and horrible person...(I've seen it before.
    you got disappointed because you are strong and he's weak.
    It's a bad feeling, but don't blame yourself.

    • What do you mean by compensate his weakness?
      I wouldn't say I'm a very strong person as I get easily upset, but thank you :)

    • I mean you're strong in loyalty, and he's morally weak.
      please give me some details so I can give you a useful opinion.

      ( feel free to fill this page)

    • It's ok I can rant a lot haha 😅

      I think you've probably got it now though, thinking about it. Everything adds up from what I know, experienced from loving him and have heard, to point to him being morally weak.

      Think I've found the reason thank you

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  • uhhh why i dont have a girlfriend like u. maybe he is a stupid. but maybe u was boring him. if a girl sending messages a man everytime ( where are u? , what are u doin? , you can't go outside with ur friends) , he will get bored in time. i dunno

    • I am told I'm boring... I don't throw caution to the wind.
      I mean he texted me a lot of the time, I never forced him to stay away from his friends.
      I told him to be himself around me and he could still do the things he loves because I don't own him.

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    • of course u need stay away for a little time. ur hearth will want a date with a man. at the right time ;)

    • True :)

  • You didn't keep him in pursuit? If he doesn't have to work to keep you, then he "has" you, and it's probably off to the next conquest.

    • But don't guys want a woman who is loyal?
      Or do I need to be the most horrible person on the earth to attract them?

    • A little of both.. some guys are ready to settle down, but if you don't have his heart or his full attention, then this is what happens, you fall in love, he falls away..

  • You likely weren't giving him what he wanted or needed. rethink your actions

    • You mean like sex?
      Is there not more to love than that? ... but yes I gave him what he wanted. So it can't be that.

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    • sounds like he wasn't honest with you, which is a pathetic thing to do. but I'd say he wasn't satisfied.

    • I don't know what it is. I just hope I can forget him soon.

  • I don't know, ask him

    • I did he just says I was great and awesome, but he wants to be friends

    • He just wants to be friends then, he might just not be ready for a relationship.

    • Maybe I don't want to be...😔

      Guess I can't force him though

  • Some times people just aren't ready for relationships.

    • Probably

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    • Yeah, that's probably what it was 😞

    • I just thought I knew him more than that

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